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      Warranty and Returns

          All Outa Ware comes with a lifetime (of the garment) warranty against manufacturing defects.  The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse of the garment.  However, I am very lenient on what is normal wear and tear or misuse.

          Repairs are available for a nominal charge.  Prior to returning your Outa Ware or other garment for repair please wash the item before sending it to me or I will return the item without fixing it. Thanks! 

           In addition to the warranty, Outa Ware offers a unique return policy:  New garments come with a 30 day full cash refund for garments which are new and unused.  After 30 days, the new and unused garment, can be returned for full credit towards another garment. Garments that are used can be returned at ANY time for credit towards another garment. The credit you receive depends on the condition of your garment.  All returned garments are sold after I refurbish them.  If you are interested in buying used Outa Ware please contact me for a complete list of available garments.