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A Brief History of Outa Ware


For over 16 years Andrew Tuller has made functional, rugged outdoor clothing. Tuller's business, Outa Ware, underwent changes but the quality of his products and his business philosophy remained constant.  Tuller founded Outa Ware in Big Sky when he worked there as a ski patroller and could not find mittens durable enough to withstand his abuse. He decided to sew his own and soon expanded to vests, jackets, bibs and other ski gear, requested by friends and other patrollers. Tuller's hobby quickly grew into a business. Outa Ware remained in Big Sky for eight years. As Tuller left ski patrolling behind and moved away from Big Sky, he moved his business first to Bozeman, later to Belgrade, and finally to Three Forks, where Tuller now lives. Tuller now manufactures and sells all of his products at his shop at 215 Main Street in downtown Three Forks. Asked about these moves, Tuller replied, "Today the catch phrase is carbon footprint.  For me it was also a matter of personal convenience and life style.  I hated driving to work. What could be better than walking or riding my bike to work?"

  The major change in Tuller's business is that he has greatly expanded his product line. Outa Ware now offers custom crafted clothing and gear for all seasons and for a wide variety of sports and jobs, ranging from ski bibs, patrollers vest, snow mobile suits, or carpenters bibs to river pants, camp kitchen tarps, oar bags, and even including a line of safari clothing.

  Despite these changes, Outa Ware has remained true to its business philosophy. Tuller continues to rely on extensive field-testing and continues to craft functional clothing and gear that withstands severe weather. He also continues to rely primarily on word of mouth advertising by satisfied return-customers. Outa Ware has no regular hours of operation since field-testing is a major aspect of the business requiring Tuller (or should we say giving him an excuse?) to close his shop for weeks at a time occasionally. This fall, Tuller, his wife and twelve friends field-tested river gear and clothing for three weeks, rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado .  One evening, a severe rainstorm caused over 35 waterfalls to explode over the canyon rim around their camp. Within minutes, the rain hammered their kitchen tarp and a flash flood washed over their sleeping area. For two hours, torrential rains drenched their camp. "You can simulate severe weather, but these field tests are more realistic and enjoyable. My wife and my friends let me know pretty quickly if their Outa Ware clothing and gear worked," said Tuller.

  Another trademark of Outa Ware is that every item is hand-crafted by Tuller in his Three Forks shop. And, remarkably, the Outa Ware warranty is transferable and good for the life of the garment. Outa Ware quality remains well above the industry norm. " My customers are my primary source of advertising. I want them to use and abuse my clothing and gear."  One look at his clothing, and you can see its durability.