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Outa Ware: More Happy Clients

Hi Andy
The package arrived last Saturday, thank you very much for such a rapid service!  The quality of your work is outstanding. I have come across a few blogs where tall guys like myself are looking for proper fitting ski clothing etc., I will definitely point them your way.  Take care.
Best Regards
Mark   Pays de la Loire, France

You are the greatest! I was out in the cold and rain all day yesterday and was warm warm warm. AND DRY!!!! Thank you so much these are my favorite pants!!!

Hugs to you and Merry Christmas

Andy Andy Andy I Just got my pants I love them and youíre right theyíre like wearing pajamas outside. I have been singing your praises ever since I got my first pair. Hopefully youíll be hearing from my Christmas light installer my neighbor across the street and others! This is one of the best Christmas presents Iíve ever bought myself. Such a wonderful product thank you so much I so appreciate it. By the way they fit perfectly. Youíre wonderful thank you thank you thank you I love my pants. Merry Christmas to you and yours you made mine very merry!!


Hi Andy, my name is John Sperry. I am contacting you to ask if I can get another pair of ski bibs like the ones in the attached photo.  While there is really nothing wrong with my current set, I have been rocking them for almost a decade now. They may have lost a little bit of their  "waterproofness", but still are the best ski pants I have ever had.

I should mention that I was born and raised in Bozeman, skied all my life, was on the Bridger ski patrol for eight years, and know what Iím talking about when it comes to this stuff.

Please let me know if you can build me another set.  I would really hate to have to buy some pusssy off the rack set of North Face,  Marmot, or some such. Faithfully yours, 

John. 10/2/2015


Hi Andy:  Just wanted to let you know how the Norris pants worked for me.  Remember me, I am the guy from North Dakota that doesn't know how to operate a two way zipper? :)  Anyway, I just went on a week long motorcycle trip to northern Michigan, and the pants were great.  It rained two days, and I stayed nice and dry, and warm.  And when it warmed up a bit, I did not overheat.  The pants were perfect for a motorcycle trip, and the quality and workmanship are fantastic.  So thank you again.  (And I was able to operate the zippers on the legs without a manual).  Thanks again.
Dave Bitz   9/22/2015

Got the vests and they are super sweet! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks a bunch man. Ill keep in touch!
Ben Cross
Snowmobile Adventures LLC.       9/11/2015

Thanks again for the pants. They fit great and I'm really happy with them. I can't wait to get out to Shenandoah this weekend with them. I have a question regarding the Soft Shell Madison Pants. The description says fleece or tricot mesh lined, and the two options are grey tricot mesh or buckskin. Does that mean the buckskin is fleece lined? And that means the buckskin is the warmer of the two, correct?
And in comparing the Soft Shell Madison Pants to the Norris Pants, it seems like the Norris is just more water resistant than the Madison, is that right?
I'm going to get one of those for winter hiking (I think in my excitement I misread or misunderstood and thought the quick-dry pants were water resistant), and will also be ordering another reinforced travel pant with a cargo pocket.
Again, awesome stuff and I'm really happy to have found the site.
Jay 9/3/2015

Your quality and craftsmanship impress me every time. I'm loving this variation of anorak, I'll probably want it in a different pattern some time in the near future. You'll be hearing from me. Thomas  Wright    7/14/2015

Mr Tuller,
I hope this finds you well.  We are looking for some more of those awesome vests you made for us a several years ago.
Our company has a new logo and some new people and we need some patroller vests for crushing festivals.
Let me know what you need to get started.
Thanks, Scotty   6/2/2015


 Just a quick note to thank you for the custom rain pants you made for me about two years ago. They were for motorcycle riding, ultra-light and you made them out of 3-ply grey Gore-Tex, full length zipper in large with a 42-inch inseam. Theyíre great, easy to don and have served me well on many a trip, whether dry for rain or warmth for that wintry morn and still going strong. Thanks for a quality product !!!

 Kurt Zaharewicz

Willowick, OH 5/22/2015

Dear Andrew

I recently ordered to pair of Quick Dry pants. They are absolutely phenomenal. They exceeded even the high expectations I had. The quality, design and fit are perfect.  I've been wearing and using outdoor clothing for close to 30 years and I can't say I've found anything as good as these pants. I searched far and wide for wind proof and breathable pants just like this. They are going to be a regular part of my outfit for canoe trips in the north woods, hiking, and for my walks to work in Chicago.
It is so good to learn about your business and I will be a repeat customer for sure. I already have had some questions from co- workers about where I found the pants.
Keep up the great work- there is a real demand out there for such high quality gear. And to find something made in USA is another bonus.
Enjoy what is left of the winter season.

Ned Lloyd
Chicago, IL.  2/27/2015

Hi, I am married to a big guy. He loves and lives in your church hiker pants! I am planning on purchasing more but before I do my husbands request would be a fly. Is this possible? I believe I purchased XXXL.  Thank you for making a big man look good. 

Lynn Burke 2/20/2015


The pants were a huge hit! Everybody loves them!
Thank you very much!
They're already getting trail tested in Oregon and the subways of Chicago!
Charles 2/13/2015

You really do wonderful work.  Iím impressed.
Thanks so Much!
Mary 2/9/2015

Thanks I can wash the first pair.......been wearing them every day indoors and out.
C.Ruhman 1/30/2015

They're terrific.........been wearing them all day.......indoors and out.  Thanks Andy.
C.Ruhman 1/14/2015

The bibs showed up today.  I appreciate you taking care of things with the Post Office after their little debacle on this end.  The bibs fit perfectly and the craftsmanship looks excellent.  I'm quite excited to try them out, and as a tall guy it was wonderful to find someone who could make me something that actually fits. 
Zach 2/9/2015

Mr. Tuller,
I have been wearing the same ski swap Columbia pants for 8 seasons of skiing, sledding, and shoeing and they have finally given up the ghost.  I have been shopping around looking for a replacement and am not too happy with the quality and toughness of the products out there.  While filling up my growlers at Bozeman Brewing recently, I glanced down at my growler bag that Dave Reeves told me I needed and Todd Scott happily sold me, and had an epiphany.  I thought " this bag has taken one hell of a beating and still looks brand new" and that sparked a memory of Outa Ware products.  Is Outa Ware still around I asked myself?  A quick google search and bam.........  here I am emailing you to find out how I go about test fitting a pair of the Couloir bibs?  I am a short, fat, weak, gay mechanical engineer so I assume a custom pair will be needed to meet the criteria of bomb proof, odd shaped and flashy.  Let me know when would be a good time to head out to 3 Forks to visit the shop and see if you have anything in stock that would work for me.  Thanks for making my growler bag and look forward purchasing another Outa Ware product (also have a ski swap scored Wookey pack).


Rich Parker 1/25/2015

Andy- Pants arrived yesterday.........just in time for the sub zero we are experiencing.  They are perfect in every way.  I will be ordering another pair later today.  Thanks for everything.
C. Ruhman 1/14/2015

Andy- Thank so you much for the pants. I really appreciate the rushed order! My dad loves them.

I got my first pair of pants in '98 and used them every single winter for thirteen years.  With Outaware products I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as bad weather,  just bad clothing.  Thanks again.
Jud 1/8/2015

Hi Andrew,
Just got home after a few days down in Virginia and was pleasantly surprised to find a box with my new pants waiting for me.  Didnít expect to see them for several weeks, so thanks very much for the rapid work.
Take care and happy new year!
JR 12/28/2014

Hey Andy, received the vests today and they look awesome! Thank you.

 Merry Christmas.  Mark Eberbaugh       Lifts / Tubing / Mtn Guides Operations Manager  12/23/2014

These are great! Definitely will be back for other things, if these are any indication of quality.

Josh 12/16/2014

Received the vests.  The 4x fits perfectly, the 3x would work, but would limit any underlayers.  I will check with other hunter(s) tomorrow if there is interest in the 3x.  If not, I will send it back this week.  If interest will send you another check.  Thanks Andy; Great Product!!!

Scott 12/8/2014

Andy, another check is on the way to you for the second vest.  Fits my friend perfectly. Please confirm receipt when it arrives. Thanks again,  Scott 12/11/2014

Thanks guys for making quality clothing in the States! You all rock!  Thanks for making Christmas a little bit better!!!

Thanks again for your speedy delivery of my travel pants for the Galapagos trip. They were so comfortable on the long plane rides, and looked great as well.
I'm looking forward to more Outaware items in the future and have passed along your website to my banker. I think you'll be getting a few more orders in the near future!
Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Woody Simmons

Hey Andy, The pants look fantastic. Thanks so much. Love your stuff!
Have a great winter

I received my anorak in the mail today and all I can say is WOW! Your workmanship is outstanding and the fit is perfect. I would like to go ahead and order a pair of trousers to go with the anorak. Let me know what size measurements you need from me.
Pants came in the mail today and after trying them on and wearing them for a bit I love them. You do great work and it really shows in your products. You'll definitely be hearing from me for more orders in the future.

Andy, I Finally got home last night. The first snow had fallen in the mountains making for a beautiful drive. And I was eagerly anticipating opening my box from Three Forks.  It was like Christmas. Thank you so much. Everything was beautiful. My Mom came by. Being a quilter she of course had to check out the pants and jacket. She commented on how well made they were.Thank you so much Andy.Take care,

Jim Tassielli Area Sales Manager Sartori Cheese (206) 769-5746


 I received the vest yesterday.  It is very well made with high quality workmanship. The size small is just right even with the pockets filled and wearing it over a jacket. 

Wow, you are fantastic!  
Just to let you know, we worked with George at Palmer Station a while back - he raved about your pants...and my co-worker, Kristen ordered some from you and loved them.  Anyway, not sure if George is in Bozeman now- say hi to him if he is!!
Kind Regards, Jen

Got a chance to try on the bibs, fit is perfect, they're just what I was looking for.
Will be taking them out to the deep field this upcoming Antarctic season and giving them  a work out.
Thanks again for building great gear.

Thanks, the pants are great.  After wasting most of the year doing not much other than watching TV, the doc's have finally turned me loose again.  I wore them for the first time today, 3 mile hike in 55deg overcast weather. Here in SW Ohio I think they'll be fine with maybe a thin base layer until mid-late November. 
Will definitely be ordering more stuff from you.  Hopefully now that I'm out and around again I'll get into a smaller size.
I noticed that on some of the pants you offer a zip fly option, can that be added to all your products?
Two more questions:  This time of year I often carry a small keltec P32, could the cargo pocket be sized and placed where it would be convenient for me?  With light weight pants and the gun I often wear suspenders to offset the weight of the gun.   The one's I have have metal clips with a prong that goes into the fabric.  Should I be concerned that they will destroy the pants.  With jeans it's not a problem but the material weave accommodates them.
Thanks again for the pants and the great customer service,

I got the rain pants today. I LOVE them. Perfect fit and comfortable and rugged. Really nice work. Thanks for making such high quality products!

Got it - looks like a SOLID piece of clothing. 
Thanks. Ted

Hello Andy,
I received the vest today. Thank you for the quick turnaround!  Regrettably, it is too big, and I would like to exchange it for a size medium. 
I am somewhere in the 40-41 chest size. i have a couple of older med sized vests from when I was young, and while they still fit, they're kinda tight. That's why i went with large this time. Your cut's fairly generous- a medium should work. 
What's the procedure for making an exchange? Thank you.

The replacement vest fits beautifully! Thank you for everything.

Hi Andy, got the pants & bags.  Husband loves them. Thanks!

Hi Andy,
Just wanted to let you know I received the vest. What a great vest! It is very cool.  I will get a lot of use our of this for boating, fishing, hiking etc. and when I come back to Montana to ski next year!
Thanks again.  Mike

Pants arrived today and they are great!  I will certainly being ordering more in the future.
Thanks so much, Josh 

Andy,   Wow. Bibs received. Fit perfectly. Outstanding service getting these made and delivered in less than a week!!!  Thanks a million. 
Bevan May                      
TOM Capital Associates Inc.
Calgary, Alberta 

You do great work! This stuff is way better than I expected. I'll make sure to pass your name around.

Thanks again
Brian  2/11/2014

Andy, the bibs fit  Jeremy perfectly and are awesome! Much thanks-
Jennifer 1/21/2014

Thanks for the fast turn-around.  I own a pair of these pants and wear them all the time.  After seeing how well they are built and how much I enjoy mine, my fianceí has been wanting a pair.

Thanks,  Keith 12/17/2013

That's great, Andy! I appreciate the fast turnaround!
Best, Larry 12/17/2013

Thank you for your kind, holiday rush.
AQ 12/17/2013

The bibs showed up yesterday.  They fit perfectly!!  Exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you very much for your EXCELLENT service and a product that is second to none!!  I will be recommending you to everyone!
Thanks again,
Jeff 12/10/2013

I received the bibs last Friday.  They really look great, and the fit appears to be good.  I am looking forward to breaking them in on Friday at Showdown.  Thanks for taking care of me.  I will no doubt be recommending you to others. 
Bob 12/2/2013


 Just received the vest and totally awesome sir, you do great work !!... I was only able to put it on for about two seconds when my boss wanted to see it. I will update you with what our next order might be????...


Fidel Lucero , Fleet Manager Grand Junction Regional Airport  11/28/2013

Hi andy. It's taken awhile, but I finally put in a plug for you on my blog:  I get about 150-200 readers that come over from facebook, and many are outdoor-oriented folks, so hopefully it results in some sales for you.  I've also passed on your website to a couple friends who were admiring the river pants I ordered last winter. Now that it's winter, I wear the fleece pants I got this summer nearly every day. I hope you are well and that you're motorcycle trip was a good time.
brian 11/18/2013

 WOW! THAT'S all I can say Andy, what a superb job!
I wore the vest to our k9 training yesterday and had three people ask to try it on.
We may be putting together a group order?
One question, the sticker you gave me. Is that one for like putting on a pickup? I'd love to advertise.

Thanks again for the job well done.

Dell McNees  10/28/2013

Hi Andrew, I'm really stoked to have found your website! I'm looking for a new ski patrol vest, but at 6'3" tall, it's all the stock options make it look like I stole a vest from a little kid. When I came across your website and it said that you do custom sizing for no extra charge I got really excited. I can finally have a vest that fits me. Anyway, I'm thinking I want the collarless vest, but I would prefer two tone. Since the collared two tone you have listed is more expensive than the collared solid red vest, I'm assuming a no collar two tone would be more expensive than a no collar solid red vest. Can you give me a price for a no collar two tone ski patrol vest? Andrew A.
I'm just writing to say thanks for the great Ski Patrol vest! It just arrived in the mail today. I'm surprised how quickly it got hear. I pulled it out and tried it on, and it's perfect. Size medium was the right size, it fits well over my jacket and it's not to big. The extra 5" of length is just right as well. It's about 1" shorter than the snowboarding jacket I wear under it, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Now we just need some snow so I can use it, and I'll definitely promote your products to other people on my patrol (I should have had you send more of your business cards). Anyway, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks.

Sincerely, Andrew Aslesen  10/18/2013

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for what you do!!  Amazing products at great prices. I bought my first pair of quick dry pants years ago and have put them to the test. I recently spilt battery acid on them changing out my trolling motor batteries in my bass boat. (as well as on a pair of jeans)  The jeans are trashed but my quick dry pants are still wearable with only a few holes in them.  Thank You for the ultra quick shipping on my last order this time!! You had vacation planed and got my pants to me from MT to CA in 3 days. AMAZING!!   I also love the logo move from the upper left leg, to the lower right leg on the pants!!!!           

Thanks again,  Mike   7/20/2013                

A note to tell you I LOVE my pants, I had ordered some from __________ and was not happy, fit was crappy, to short, material not as nice as yours. Keep up the good work, I will share this with my Kayak Club.

 Thanks again,  Melody 5/31/2013

I received my pants today -- they are SOOOOO COOL!!  Thank you!

Phyllis 5/30/2013

Thanks for getting in touch. That's good information. I am hopeful you can get to them before the 14th because I am sailing for Greenland sometime between the 20th and 25th. I know, I ordered these too late, but I just discovered your company. I hadn't anticipated that they were made up custom.
Let me know how you think it looks for shipping prior to your trip.
Best,  Aaron 5/8/2013

Thanks. They are fantastic, I can't wait to be warm on watch.
Aaron 5/20/2013

I received the rain pants you sent last week and wanted to thank you for the great work you did. They looked great and fit perfectly. I am very happy with them. Thank you! I am eager to try them out w/ rain we have coming towards the end of the week. I imagine I'll be visiting your site in the future for clothing to protect against the elements. 

Take care,
Jeff N.  5/6/2013

Dear Andy, I have received today my Norris jacket ,Norris pants, River pants and Travel pants, and I am really happy with all this new gear. The quality and fit are truly excellent, and definitely much better than any comparable gear one might buy in stores, and I really like the functional simplicity of the overall design. Thank you very much from a very satisfied customer.

All the best, Marco 4/22/2013

Hi, I'm doing a motorcycle ride from Alaska to Ushuaia this year going anywhere from cold and wet to hot and wet. I'm 6'10" wear Draggin Jeans with a 38" waist and 38" inseam and need a waterproof over pant which of course there is nothing on the market that fits. Pant material needs to be pretty durable with potential everyday use for 6 months. Ideally was looking at a set of your custom rain pants with zips down the sides. Given the above criteria, is your rain pant suitable? Which of the materials that you offer do you consider would be best? And, what's the best way for me to size up an over pant otherwise? I could send a photo of my Draggin Jeans with measurements? Last of all I need them shipped to Australia...
Any help is much appreciated.
Regards, Adrian 4/10/2013
      Received the pants in the mail today and what can I say? I've never had a pair of wet weather pants that fit like this! They are a perfect fit over my Draggin Jeans, and fit me absolutely perfectly, they are exactly what I was after! Looking forward to trying them out in the rain. In fact, I think a pair of thermals under these and they'll be my new snowboard pants (again no one makes anything long enough). Thank you very much for your time responding to my queries and the quick turnaround and shipping to Australia. 
Cheers, Adrian 4/26/2013
       I've had the pants out in a few storms lately and remained entirely dry, best pants I've had. The 'Euro' bright orange styling does attract a few '80's type comments, but I love the fact that they're very visible when wet or on dull days. I'm going to see how my girlfriend goes on the bike through Alaska to see if her pants are acceptable. If not, I'll order a pair for her too before we pass through on the way to Yellowstone. I leave for Anchorage in 2 weeks time, looking forward to using your pants on the trip!
 Adrian 6/26/2013

Just a quick message to say how thoroughly impressed I am with the waterproof pants. They survived the entire trip from Alaska to Argentina without letting a drop of water through. I even wore them over my jeans in the snow in Antarctica. These will be my new snowboarding pants for sure!
Adrian 1/7/2014

Received your ultra light rain pants today.  Perfect, custom fit and great quality.  Can't wait to get them out in the elements on my bike.  Looks like Monday's ride to work here in northeast Ohio may be a possible shakedown cruise with a forecasted 41 degree high and 40% chance of rain. 
Kurt Zaharewicz  3/16/2013

The weather here in Cleveland Ohio has been cold and wet the past few weeks but I've been riding my BMW R1200RT as usual.  Been using your ultra light custom rain pants that fit great (medium with rise adjustment, 42-inch inseam with full leg zippers).  Don't miss the over-the-counter, XXL, baggy, motorcycle rain pants plus gaiters a bit.  Way too baggy for riding and cumbersome to put on.  Your full length zip legs make for easy donning. Yesterday it was 39 degrees F and pouring down rain for my 22-mile motorcycle ride home from work.  Arrived dry and warm.
Thanks so much for a great product !!!
Kurt Zaharewicz 4/14/2013

I had the good fortune to find a pair of your Couloir Bibs Ski Pants in a thrift shop here in Salt Lake. They are still in great shape and they fit me great. I really needed a better pair of ski pants and because the quality and the fit were really great I took them out for the first time on a way nasty storm day. We're talkin 50 mph winds, dumpin snow and ten degrees. They did a great job at keeping me dry, warm & comfortable.  I like the way they fit and the fact that they are designed to last. A lot of the ski clothing I've been considering at REI seems very cheap and flimsy by comparison. I haven't decided which items I want but I will definitely be looking at your website when considering additions to my outdoor clothing.

I'm thrilled to have found such a great line of clothing that I had never heard of before.

Keith Proctor

Hello Andrew,
I received my vest and shorts last week when I came home from a trip. These were the first items I have ordered from you and I can guarantee you that I will order more soon. I have had the vest on ever since I unpacked it, it is beautiful, the best made that I have ever seen, it feels like you made it for me. The shorts will always be in my travel bag for year round enjoyment. They are made very well, fit well and are perfect. What I like about both clothing pieces is that they are of very good material, cut perfectly, sewn perfectly and do not scratch.
Thank you very much for making such nice clothing. Warm regards, Jamie 3/31/2013

She loves it.  And that's an understatement. 
Thank you so much for making it for her, and the time and effort you put in on the design.  It works perfectly for her.  Not it's just a matter of keeping her parents for wearing it instead of her.
Robert Sealey 3/24/2013

Andy, got the bibs, can't thank you enough, they are absolutely spot on, need more winter.

Thank you, Mark 2/25/2013

Hey Andy!  Sweet website!  Hey, I just ordered some pants on the website and entered colors for the knee patches etc.  Feel free to sub a color if you need, or if you already have one in stock I will be fine with that. I would prefer darker guys colors.  Thanks, Steve Bjorklund, Summit Bike and Ski, Bozeman, Montana

Hi Andy!
 I received the pants and windblock jacket yesterday.  I absolutely love the pants!  I will be ordering more in the near future.  The jacket is comfy as well.  Is it the "Original Montana Jacket" on your page?  How much does this jacket run?
Thanks so much, Brea 2/20/2012

Hi Andrew. I received my river pants today. They are supremely awesome in every way. I feel silly being this excited about a pair of pants, but I spend most of my free time in the outdoors and finding a pair of pants that both fit my long legs and narrow waist well and are bomb-proof makes me happy. I'll be ordering a pair of fleece or softshell pants soon, as well as another pair of river pants in the future. Thanks again for offering such useful and durable clothing for us tall types. 
Brian 2/19/2013

Andy! I love the jacket! Thanks so much. It fits perfectly, and the color is great. Weíll be sure to recommend you as we proudly wear your work.
Best wishes, Anne 2/12/2013

I received the pants yesterday. They fit perfectly in every way. I am blown away by the quality of construction. Please keep my pattern, I am seriously considering a pair of hiking pants for the spring. Although I am hoping for some snow now.
Thanks so much for your quality craftsmanship,
Mark 2/12/2013

Hi Andy,
I got the pants today. They fit great. Thanks for making a great product and customizing for us taller hikers at a reasonable price. 
Matt 2/1/2013

Andy,  the pants are awesome!  Thanks.

LT 12/11/2012

Thanks so much Andy...received package today. Everything is wonderful as always!!!! 
You're the best!
Daniele Douglas  12/5/2012

Thanks Andy nice doing business with you.   Very comfortable Ė good to walk in Ė very pleased. Merry Xmas to you and yours.

Dick 12/4/2012

I just received my vest, it rocks! Thank you!!!

Matt 12/1/2012

Andy, the uniforms are great and we have gotten a lot of compliments about them!

Mark Eberbaugh  11/30/2012

Lift Operations Manager

Hi Andy,
My parents picked up the ski pants yesterday but they wont be home until Friday for Danica to try them on.  My mom is sooo impressed with them that I thought I would share that with you.  My mom showed them to us via SKYPE and Danica can't wait to try them on.  My Mom thinks that they will fit her so the true test will be Friday and I will let you know!  Thanks again,
You totally rocked it! We will send some pics! We are so thrilled!

Shelley 11/22/2012  

Hi Andrew: Got the jacket.  It is very nice and it is very warm.  Thanks a lot! 

Simon Wong 11/20/2012

Dear Outa Ware,
We are a hiking group from upstate New York that does a lot of winter camping and hiking in the Adirondack Mountains.  We operate a website called that averages 1,200 visitors a day.  We expect over 140,000 visitors during the month of November.  On our site we post articles, tips, gear reviews, trip reports mixed in with some humor.  Several of us are over 6 feet tall and find it difficult to find outdoor clothing that fits us and performs well.  We stumbled upon your site and my brother ordered a pair of pants off of you.  He has been extremely happy with them and posted a review of your pants on our site which you can find here.  We have several other reviews on our site and are in the process of posting more.  The site is ever growing.

We would love to try out more of your clothing and post reviews on our site.  We were wondering if you offered any kind of affiliate discount for groups such as ours?  In return we would post reviews of your clothing with links etc.

Thank you for your consideration, 
Mark 11/15/2012

Fantastic fit!! Thank you so much for your efforts. I am passing on your info on to our patrol director.

cheers, Kat 11/3/2012

I received the jacket - it's fantastic!  Thank you.

Jay Brown 10/27/2012


I did receive the new river pants, they look great. A company/person that stands beyond his work, demonstrating great customer service, will keep customers coming back and back. Thanks again.


Thanks Andy, I got the package last week.  Love it!  I ski patrol at Big Sky, and we use your vests, which is how I originally heard of your company.  Great products, no doubt.  I will certainly continue using them and spreading the word!  Keep it going!
Denny 8/8/2012

Andrew, Been meaning to get this to you! Both pants are AWESOME!!! I purchased another pair of wind pants on the trail, and it didnít compare to yours!! (name brand)

THANK-YOU!!   Blair Bauman 8/4/2012

Photo: Everest Base Camp

I got a kick out of the new "church hiker" pants on your site; happy I
could inspire a new product.  When I get the black pair I'll have
three including the too-short khaki. 

-Mike 3/27/2012

Andy, I wore my new jacket you made for me the whole week I was skiing in Aspen. It fit great and kept me warm. I was surprised how much warmth the hood offered.

Thanks, Ed 3/14/2012


  Andy, it just arrived and it all fits!  Iím super-impressed.

Anne McEntte, South Hobart, Australia 3/13/2012


The vest is perfect.  Very nice attachment system for both the shovel and probe.
Thank you,

Murphy Breyfogle   3/6/12

 I like the black vest I ordered a few weeks back so much I'm going for a red one.   I did send this order through erroneously though.  I don't need the option for embroidered name.  I have placed another order for the red vest with the option for the radio harness.  Any chance you can cancel this order and process the one coming in with the radio harness option?
Sorry for my mix up.
Tom 3/5/12

Andy - just received my order , you guys have a great product , ordering more , congrats............. David 3/5/12

Thanks, Andy!
The pants arrived today and felt great when I tried them on. I can't wait to get outside and try them out!
- Amber 3/5/12

 the vest arrived and it is perfect.  Thank you.  JF 2/22/12

Hi Andy.  The vests just arrived and look great!  Nice job!  I am excited to see them on the guys.  Thanks for doing good work and it was great doing business with you.

Landon, T Lazy 7 Ranch, Aspen CO 2/21/12  


Hi Andy, the pants and shorts arrived today. I LOVE them!  They fit me perfectly. Thanks , leigh

  Dr. Leigh Thompson Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois 



Just wanted to say thanks for the fast delivery of that 5x vest.  It works well with the adjustable straps. We have had great comments about the vests.  The setup is perfect and the construction is very durable.

Thanks. Mike Park ,  Snowbasin security manager 1/14/12

Got my vest. LOVE it, this one fits so much better. Thanks for remaking it.  Sue 1/10/12

       Itís human nature to complain when we encounter something we donít like, and fail to acknowledge things we do like. But sometimes the evidence for the latter is so overwhelming that you canít ignore or deny it.

This is the case with my Outa Ware wardrobe. I have river pants, fleece pants, ski pants, two ski coats, a vest, and a river jacket. Iíve had most of them for damn near a decade and none of them show any signs of wear. I use them heavily Ė theyíre my go-to garments, one and all, for most of my outdoor adventures. The stuff is amazing. I searched my closets the other night for any piece of apparel half the age of my Outa Ware clothes, and couldnít find any. Itís all worn out over the years.

  A colleague of mine was shopping for ski pants and I told him to get Outa Ware pants, in conservative colors because heíd have them for the rest of his life. I wasnít exaggerating. Heís 25.

  Iím an writer and I review a lot of outdoor apparel. Much of it has interesting features, cool colors, etc. Ė but none of it even comes close to Outa Ware in terms of durability. On top of all that, my Outa Ware clothing is comfortable. My fleece pants are my winter pajamas. On road trips, I barely take off my river pants. My ski pants have been up and down half a dozen resorts and a dozen mountains. The stuff is awesome. Better than any of the top outdoor brands in the world. Just donít tell them I said that, or they might stop sending me free apparel to field-test. I love my Outa Ware dearly but I do need to mix things up once in a while.

  Keep up the good work.

Mike England 12/29/11

Outside Media Group      313 W. Mendenhall, #8 Bozeman, MT  59715   406-582-8068

Hi Andy,

My new fleece pants size large are HUGE so I gave them to a girlfriend. She needed some good gear.  Maybe we can try a smaller size? My other size large fleece pants are not quite so large, I don't know why.  How about we go with a size medium? Same leg length, same super thick fleece (recycled).  These fleece pants are great for working outside here on the farm with my llamas and trail building.

Thank you, 
For PEACE in 2012,

Hi Andy - meant to email you earlier.  Wore both the pants and vest on a cold, rainy day at the beginning of the season, and they performed wonderfully!  Thank you so much - really enjoying wearing a uniform that fits.  Happy holidays!

Yasuko, 12/24/11

Thanks. Just wanted to let you know my husband & I absolutely love your products. I bought my first pair at the farmers market in Bozeman when visiting my sister last summer & they still look new. My husband is an international airline pilot & takes his with him on every trip. Its refreshing to see durable high quality products - and made in America!
Merry Christmas
Leslie 12/20/11

Thanks a lot Andy. The vest rocks by the way...

Todd Thomson 12/ 19 11

Hey Andy-
the pants are awesome. I wore them through the entire ice fest and they worked better than my friend's Arcteryx. And I fell over x-c skiing and filled one of my pockets with snow - one hour later, I remembered it and poured a cup of water out of my pocket lining. 
Thanks man.
-dr 12/16/11

Got my vest. Top notch work, seriously stoked. Enjoy your holidays and I will be in touch. 

Dalton       12/12/12    

Worth Skis, Vermont 

Thank you so much, Andy! 
Looking forward to getting it. My hubby loved the Norris vest I previously bought him!

Thanks again,

Daniele 12/12/11

Just received my high quality pant from you and I was surprised  not to see a snow cuff in the legs. I am concerned I will not be satisfied with their performance in deep snow. I ski patrol
in northeastern Mn so we do not get large amounts of powder, but I do travel west in search of the stuff and I have had some good days and that is what I am concerned about. Do you have any words to ease my concerns?
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  

David Nyquist 12/11/11  


Thank you for your response. 
 Your knowledge and experience in powder snow is vast compared to mine.  Your willingness and your faith in your product is enough for me. 
Thanks again! 

David 12/13/11

 I bought some bibs from you earlier this season and love them.

 Skied some powder in Montana over presidents week with no issues at all very pleased.
 Brag about them all the time. 

David 3/5/12

Hi Andrew,

My rain suit arrived today and the fit and seaming are perfect.  I really appreciate your eye for detail and the fabulous quality of your materials and craftsmanship.

Charlie Dabbs  12/3/11
Big Sky, Mt.
Santa Fe, N.M.


I got the bibs today. These look fantastic. Iíll put them to a test this weekend on a 150 mile snowmachine ride, but I canít see how they arenít going to be bomber. Thanks a million.

Doug Moore

Talkeetna Alaska 11/29/11

Hi Andy,

I received the pants and I really like them.  Thank you very much for making the modification to the length.  Myself and some friends often winter camp in the Adirondack Mtns of New York and we maintain a website ( with a blog that gets about 500 hits a day right now and picks up as the winter season gets more underway.  I was wondering if you would mind if I wrote up a positive review of the pants and your business to post on it.  Maybe it would
throw some more business your way.

Thanks again for a great product and customer service,

Matt Hay


Hi Andy, 

 I received the ski bib and travel pants today. Thanks!  The travel pants are much more comfortable than I expected. In fact, I have to keep checking to make sure that I actually have pants on (at my age, it's always a possibility that I've forgotten). I really like them and it was great being able to add a little extra refinement like the new cargo pocket.  

I'm excited to try out the bib. It fits great and will certainly keep the snow from my backside. I could have used them last Sunday, the first little trip we did, climbing the Showdown Ski  Area with fresh powder (and a few rocks). Again it was nice to ask for a single layer as an option since I tend to overheat.

Here's the first test of the new ski bib; 30 inches of fresh powder, good base and steep slopes off the continental divide near Stemple pass. Loved the bib!

Jim Heckel 

Great Falls, MT 11/21/11

Hello Andy,   

The full 1-piece ski suit is great.  Susan liked it, both for functionality and style. The sons will probably stop by to be measured the next time they pass through.  I am taking a few photos of it, both on and off, suspenders, etc. to send to my friends who have expressed interest.  I will also take a shot or two while skiing in it the first time and send them to you. How did elk hunting turn out?  Fill the freezer?

  Best, and thanks.  

Jerry 11/1/11

Dear Andy,

I received the 2XL pants this morning. They fit GREAT!!  And look terrific.  Canít wait to subject them to some weather conditions. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service.

Tom Miller 10/31/11


 I received the pants and all is great.  They fit perfectly and are impressive in their construction.  Thanks for the quality and attention to detail.  If I wanted to order another pair, would you still have the particulars?  I'm looking over your site seeing what next to order.            

Paul Henderson
Olympia, WA 10/27/11

Andy,  I received the shipment. The shorts are awesome!!! Great quality and just what I was looking for. You will be getting more of my business in the near future. Going to you for a new vest this ski season.
Cheers,  Charlie Bennett 10/9/11

The pants are awesome, exactly what I wanted, and they fit great!  As a rather tall individual, it's so nice to have gear that fits well. Nice work, I really like the overlay material.  I look forward to using them!

Thanks, Toby  10/9/11

Andy, I got my vest. This is AWESOME ! ! !   I hope you took a picture and put it on your website. I know everyone on the hill this year is going to ask me about it when they see additional stuff hanging from my vest.  

Ron Radmer 10/4/11  


Hi Andy:
Just got back from a ten day paddling/hiking/fishing trip to the Arctic National Refuge.  Just thought I'd let you know that the Ultralight rain pants were great.  Didn't really need them as rain gear since it was dry trip.  However, the pants worked well as a windbreaker.
Thanks again.

Les 10/4/11


Hi Andy,
It's not been a great year for snow in Europe, so I was super lucky to have powder and blue skies during my long weekend in the Alps.

Thanks for the Norris Pants that you sent me. I recently tried them out skiing in Chamonix, and was impressed by the quality of your sewing. It is a good thing that I like the pants, as it looks like they will take a long time to wear out.
                                                                                                                                                                                  I skied with a guide on one of the days, and to my surprise he commented, out of the blue, that I was an unusual client as I had "a small pack and clothes that fit". I'm not quite sure what prompted him to say that, but it is a testament to the quality of the pants, particularly as I often struggle to get clothes that fit me.

One of the features that attracted me to the Norris Pants over the many other designs available, was the slim cut of the legs. The trim fit is ideal for using with crampons, although that said, the standard fit is only just wide enough for a ski boot, so it may not appeal to everybody.

Carrying skis across the moraine at the bottom of the glacier in late March sunshine provided a real test of the breathability of the fabric. Being made from a brand of fabric that I hadn't previously heard of, I was unsure how the pants would fare, but the pants seemed every bit as breathable as my jacket, which is made from a big name top quality fabric.

Thanks again
Steve Robinson                                                                                                                            Nottinghamshire, UK 3/24/2011

I received the pants about a week ago. Good work Sir. Definitely will recommend you and will be back for more. Take Care

NEWPORT RI 02841 3/23/2011

 I just wanted to let you know the jacket came today. It is perfect! The sleeves are the correct length, a great zipper, large zipper pockets, great hood and windshear. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the great customer service.
Craig Ambos  3/2/2011

Andy,  Just wanted to let you know that the pants fit perfect and my wife loves them!   I think she may now be in the market for a pair of wind / running / hiking pantsÖI need to get her on the website to look.

  Thanks,   Drew Richards  2/8/2011

Andy,  The vests are working great on the hill. I think actually having the radio harness has been the biggest hit, for years we've been stuffing them in random pockets. We'll get an official picture and Iíll write up an official thanks from the hill. Once again thanks! 

Alan Heckart - Arctic Valley Ski Area , Anchorage, AK 2/8/2011

       Jacket just showed up in the mail, and it fits perfectly.  This will be the first soft shell that I have ever owned that is long enough in the sleeves and body.  Thanks again for making such a bomber product. 

Cheers, Matt 
Freeck Photography
1303 Miles Ave.
Billings,MT 59102
406-855-0212      1/20/2011


     I got the vest today. This thing rocks!   Thanks so much for your amazing workmanship and outstanding service. You just set a new standard. I will be calling you in the summer for my red Patrol Vest.

Ron Radmer   

Snow Valley Mountain Resort 1/6/2011

Thanks Andy, the items arrived today and I can not thank you enough for your kind thoughtfulness in sending two for me to try on.  You are amazing and the quality of your work is truly outstanding. I will use the return envelope and can not wait to find more Outa Ware to purchase.

Charlie Dabbs 1/6/2011


Just got the Host vest you made for me.  It is the Blaster style in Royal Blue.  It looks great but the quality is the first thing I noticed.  All of the pockets will more then take care of the first aid and other items I carry on the mountain.  It adds a real touch of class to our uniform.

  Thanks again,

Jeff Rigney                    

Snow Valley CA Ski Resort              12/6/2010

Hi Andrew,

I have a pair of worn-out couloir bibs.  They are no longer waterproof, and are worn through in the usual areas.  I'd like to get a new pair for the up coming season and am wondering what my options are.  I love your products and wouldn't want to wear any other ski pant.

Andy Coddington
Burlington, VT


I just received my patrol bibs and all I can say is WOW!  Thank you for a great product, I look forward to ordering more from you in the future.

Erick Nolting  


Hi Andy!

I love the pants!  Thank you for sending a couple of options, it was very helpful.  I appreciate the service you provided. I am a short plus size women, and have had a tough time finding some quick drying pants to wear down the Colorado River.  These fit great and are going to be perfect for my trip.

Thank you, Amanda Simpson 



The Norris pants I got from you are outstanding.  Don't laugh but we had a record amount of snow this year, 50+ inches within 3-4 weeks.  For Virginia, that's a lot and quite frankly too much for the infrastructure to handle.  As I dressed for my first outing to shovel the snow with a sub-zero wind chill, I was somewhat skeptical of your claims that the Norris pants would be warm in those cold temps.  I decided to wear my polypro thermals under the Norris pants; that was a mistake.  I was actually too warm outside and had to come back indoors to remove the thermals.  I've remained warm and dry in the Norris pants whenever I've worn them in the snow or out in the field for SAR training.  Best regards.

Ian Kluge 5/18/10


I have seen your gear around Montana for 15 years Ė in the Tram Line and on the river, and now I finally I got my hands on a pair of pants.  My wife ordered me the Original River Pants for my birthday and they are the best fitting pants I have ever received.  I am tall and skinny, so nothing ever fits right.  These pants do. Your Custom Order Program is a much needed thing in our industry. I have not taken them off since I got them.  I spend over 250 days on the river and guiding fly fishermen and these pants will become an essential part of my gear.  I canít wait to hunt upland birds this these pants as well. 

  Thanks again,

Joe S. Moore                                                                                                                                       

 Big Sky Anglers                                                                                                                                   

PO Box 2153                                                                                                                                   

West Yellowstone, MT59758                                                                                                            

 406 581 6059                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Dear Andy,
I received my cross country outfit, and it is BETTER than I even expected!  Thank you so much, I emailed Steve and told him I have his pants as well, and we are both planning to come back and get more fabulous clothes later - maybe when the Sacajawea Inn is open for lunch!

Many many thanks!  Debbie Erdman 


Hi Andy,

The pants just arrived, and they fit great! Great service, too. Jack is very pleased with them. We can take a picture of him wearing them, if that would be useful to you.

Thanks so much.  Nancy 


Hey Andy,

The jacket and bibs arrived today in Budapest.  I absolutely love the new gear.  The quality materials and construction are unmatched (way better than Helly Hansen, LL Bean, and Eddie Bauer).  I have been looking for new winter gear for a good year now with little luck.  In addition, I wanted to support a real American company, which is difficult to do.  Problem solved!

Best Wishes to you and your company.

Mike Keane 3/26/10


Got the pants in the mail today and they're awesome. Perfect fit! This is the first time I've had pants that fit me right. Thanks for all of your help.
Ryan 2/26/2010

Hi Andrew,

     I want to thank you for the black patrol vest I recently received. I saw your ad in the APP (Association of Professional Patrollers) Newsletter and visited the website. I seem to have a terrible time getting things that Iím happy with when I donít get to see, touch and try first, so hesitantly, I ordered the vest. When it showed up in the small, light-weight, flimsy mailer just a couple of days later, my first reaction was that I have wasted my money. After opening, inspecting, loading and wearing it for the first time, I am absolutely impressed and delighted with it. The fit, the feel, the functionality are fabulous. Fellow patrollers are amazed as well. I suspect you know that you make a good product so this is not a surprise to you. Still, I want you to know how pleased I am with the vest. Thanks.

  Blessings, John Batchelder- Idaho



    Thanks for working on another custom piece for me. Always APPRECIATED!  Love your work. Hope you're fine.  Take care & hope to make it that way next season.

Rod Morrison M.D.

Indianapolis, IN  2/16/10


          I just got the bibs. You did it, great fit. First time I've had ski pants that actually fit me like they're made for me, wait they were made for me!  Thanks again for going the extra mile in getting me into a bib that fits me the way it should.  Great looking/feeling, quality product. 

Dave Holland

Lakeside, AZ  2/13/10

P.S.  Andy, this ski season's over, just want to thank you again for putting the customer, me, first and a comfortable quality product. Got lots of compliments on the fit, materials and workmanship of my made-for-me bibs. 

Dave Holland  4/19/10

Hey Andy, 

       still wearing my ski bibs you made for me when I ran Northern Lights at Big Sky--Nothing else compares. Hope you're doing well, I'm in Boise now doing good.  Let me hear from you, 

Blake.  1/21/10


     I got the pants and used then yesterday at Alta in 15 degree weather and some blowing.  They were great.  The fit is fine.  The design is great as well.

Feel free to use me for a testimonial from a person who found you blind on the internet and came away pleased with the purchase.

Peter Edwards   1/4/10


Thank you for the order, vest is great and well built! The river shorts are fantastic, well built also. You have a good thing going on, thank you. 

J. Ondris



Thanks so much for your help with the order- Human contact is still so rewarding in this technical world!

Have a wonderful holiday. 

Joan Bondor


Andy, I've got an amazing pair of bibs you made me. They've lasted like no
other and I am happy to keep using them - I did however have a zipper
(one of the full leg zippers) break on me. As the season approaches I
was hoping to mail the bibs to you for repair.

Please advise, thanks.

Troy Holland


Hi Andy-  I'm adding my deepest appreciation to other accolades you're received regarding Outa Ware.  I'm SO glad I contacted you !!!  My camouflage pants were perfect both in Antarctica and in Patagonia, as were the red River pants and my ultra-light jacket.  A couple from UK thought the camouflage pants were snazzy!  Cheers and thanks again for your help in making my wonderful adventure such a colorful and comfortable one.  2/14/2009

Dr. Carolyn Haugen

Friday Harbor, WA


Just giving you a quick thank you to 8 years of a great vest that is finding its way coast to coast with clients and myself from South America to the Aleutians in Alaska.  Thank you again.
-Ryan    1/21/09

PROFESSIONAL GUIDE                                                                                          





      I bought a pair of your bibs during the 06/07 ski season and they are great.  I have two main points that I base this on.  First, the late spring after I bought the pants I decided that I wanted two zippers on each pant leg.  You told me to come by and by the time I was done with 9 holes at the local course the pants were waiting for me on the back door step.  NO CHARGE!!!  Second, I took a digger skiing the Outer Limits at Big Sky Resort and gashed my knee open, right on top of the cap, to the tune of one continuous internal stitch and 14 external stitches over a 3 inch laceration.  What's the point?  The pants are fine.  I have ripped up TNF and Arc'teryx pants numerous times and that has lead me to believe that your R&D is better than the biggest of outer wear companies.
Keep up the great job,
Anderson Wallace  12/ 22/08

Andy Tuller,

My name is Chuck Condon and I lived in Bozeman 7-8 years ago (good gravy that's a long time ago) and purchased your wonderful clothing. I am now residing in warmer climes and would like to trade-in a Montana fleece and a Chore Coat for Kaky River pants and possibly a jacket. It all depends on pricing.

It is great to see that you and your company live on. I hope that all your endeavors are fun and you always return with stories and pictures.



Dear Andy;

I have worn your ski bibs and patrol vest for something like 8 years now at Big Sky. Theyíre still warm, comfortable, and practical. And best of all (for me, not you),  they still look new. Best gear I have ever used!

The family also uses your mesh bags for all our regional travels. Same quality.

  Thanks!     David King, MD     11/26/08  

Dear Andy,

The Mountain Pants that Kelly Johnson ordered for me are superb! They fit just exactly right.

I'm not crazy enough to climb mountains, strap barrel staves on my feet and slide back down, but I do a considerable amount of open-boat fishing; these pants are going to be just great in early spring in the boat, as well as many early mornings most any time.

The pants will make a great companion piece to the vest Kelly gave me earlier. Which, Kelly has heard so many times (sometimes out across the open water from half-mile away) is: THE GREATEST FISHING VEST ANYBODY EVER MADE! And it is just as great as an ice-fishing vest, too.

I thank you for your fine work, Andy.


Jim Marti
Burnt Creek Setters - Baldwin, ND


Dear Andy, 

You have gone above and beyond the duty of a garment manufacturer. I am so completely impressed with your enthusiasm and willingness to please. After the recent loss of__________'s integrity to provide quality functional clothing, I have been looking for a company that can produce and stand behind their gear. I have found that company in Outa Ware. You have a loyal customer and can expect more orders from me in the future. Your staff is awesome and your flexibility to work with people is twice that of any company I've worked with. The jacket I am sending back got lots of remarks from people that were interested. I was more than enthusiastic to tell how much I like the jacket. Now I will tell them how much I like your company, too. Send a handful of business cards and brochures and I will be glad to hand them out for you when I get approached about my jacket.

Thanks again for all your help.

Jon Roberds

Salt Lake City, Utah


Andrew Tuller --

I own a pair of your river pants that were given to me by my grandmother who lives out near you in Montana.
I just got home from a month of backpacking in the Yukon Territory in Canada with NOLS and they were the best piece of gear I brought with me. I wore them every single day through the thick shwack and around camp and they held up beautifully! I looove them!
So of course my coursemates became interested in owning their own pairs as well, so I gave them your email and everything so this is just a heads up not to be surprised when a few college kids call asking about your amazing wind pants.
Congrats on your awesome stuff!!!

Kiira Heymann
(proud owner of some Outa Ware gear)


I acquired a pair of rafting shorts thru KGLT fund drive! I must admit these are the best shorts I have ever worn. I lived in them all summer and they still look and work like new. I also coach ski racing in Montana and will be contacting you for winter Outa Ware apparel. Thanks Steve  

Steve Erickson Spirits West Division Manager Montana-Idaho